It is an interactive, online mapping tool that provides visualizations on the impact of the HIV epidemic on United States' communities.
MotionWorks Enterprise
Zebra MotionWorks Enterprise is an application of RFID solutions. With a built-in backend integration engine that feeds data to existing or third-party applications, the enterprise-grade platform is also cost-effective for regional and off-site operations.
Virtual Locker is a sport equipments inventory and management system that uses RFID technology.
Material Flow is a configurable application designed to support Just In Time (JIT) processes of materials in different manufacturing and industry environments.

Sport Edges

Due to TAG RFID technology, Zebra sport allows real-time visualization and analysis of the sports performance of each player.


Siemens is using this Application to perform vehicle capacity and occupancy analysis across train stations in Germany. Traffic data is visualized in real-time to detect anomalies or predict future passenger flow.


Vizonomy creates products, services and platforms for a connected world, based on cutting-edge data science and visualization.

Buenos Aires
The Buenos Aires application collects and analyzes data on mobility patterns to improve public transport in the city.
Mile High Flood District is your trusted resource for stormwater and watershed management.
Since 1969, effective flood control and warning measures, open spaces, regional roads, as well as for removing trash and debris from streams have been designed and built throughout the state.
MHFD Confluence
A web app designed to help with the complex task of registering and locating missing persons. It also makes it easy for users to share such information on social media, so as to increase the outreach and the chances of finding those who are missing..
Manage social networks, projects according to customer requirements