Our Clients

MMAyA promotes the management of the environmental quality and the management of the components of the mother earth for the integral territorial development in Harmony with the Mother Earth.

Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua

OTIS offers safety and comfort needs in the lifts provides an innovative MPD system.



Zebra is a technology solution system that applies companies of Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford and Subaru, a “logistical management software” for the automotive industry.


The Bolivian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery works with up-to-date information on all authorized professionals and specialists in aesthetic surgery in Bolivia.

CirPlastic Bolivia

PropelGPS is a tracking system and the geolocation and state of the vehicles.


BISA Seguros y Reaseguros is the general insurance subsidiary of Bolivian financial conglomerate Grupo BISA, whose parent company is BISA bank.

BISA Seguros & Reaseguros

VIZONOMY works with open data processing and generation, the implementation of these technological solutions contributes to early warning for disaster prevention and risk prevention in a specific geographical area.


Infinitus SRL is a company that offers the Bolivian market innovative technological solutions, it is the perfect ally for companies from different sectors in Bolivia to achieve their challenges, achieve their objectives and strengthen their brands in the market.