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Interconnections Quality
Connection quality

The metro system needs to work every day. So efficient service and maintenance is key. Siemens Mobility was also tasked with the design, view congested routes, and monitor trains in real or scheduled time, vehicle capacity and vehicle occupancy.

Understanding HIV
Where You Live

AIDSVu is an interactive online mapping tool that visualizes the impact of the HIV epidemic on communities across the United States.

One Platform - All Assets
The propel difference

Our user-friendly solution allows real-time tracking of high dollar and/or critical assets directly from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Beautiful data design for insightful analysis

Throughout the process of any project, our team works with you to research new technologies and processes, model prototypes and learn from your audience, and then realize those results through products.

Applications Mobile

Mobile devices

We adapt the technology appropriate for the needs of our customers, modern design and user experience, with the latest technology that, together with our experience, offers you the right solution for each project.

Graphic design

Visual communication

Our work ranges from UI design for web and mobile applications, logo and brand design, as well as design for social networks.

Partners & Clients

Our partners and clients with whom we work

LITEC SRL. It has in the business market, is to provide computer and innovative solutions, providing our clients with visible.

Infinitus SRL is a company that offers technological solutions to companies in various sectors of the Bolivian market.